Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pig Pancakes

For those of you with young kids (or those who've had young kids) you probably know there are oodles and oodles of ideas of how to make food "fun" for your kids. From the traditional Halloween "mummies" made from biscuits wrapped around hot dogs to the most complex sandwiches designed to look like a monster, you can do just about anything with your kids' food.

However, if you are anything at all like me, you are not willing to spend even more time in the kitchen on your kids' food than you already do! But I felt guilty one day; I decided to google ideas for kids' food. I found the cutest, and most simple, kids' pancake ever! It was an instant hit with my kids, and they always request it when we are having pancakes. The great thing about that is that it's so easy, I readily agree when they ask! So here we go, pig pancakes!

You'll want to start out with making a pancake batter. Any batter will do, whether you like to make it from scratch, or you're good friends with Betty, Bisquik, or Krusteaz. The pancakes in these photos were made from a Quaker Oatmeal mix.

For each pig, pour one "large" circle and two small circles.

You can see these large pancakes are still relatively small...we are making them for little kids, and they can't eat much.

Try really hard not to turn your little piggy in to Humpty Dumpty when you flip them. :-) Luckily, I always pour a few extras...Mom can handle a broken sow.


Start with the large circle on a plate, and place one of the small circles in the center for the nose. (Nose? Snout?)

Next, take another small circle and tear it in half, place these "triangles" under the top of the big circle to form the ears.

And what could make better little pig eyes than a couple of chocolate chips?

And, of course, no self-respecting pig would be without his mud!

Gotta really slather him up...Mmmm!

Viola! Just like that, you have a pig pancake masterpiece; your little ones will rave and you didn't have to slave!